How to deploy a python package on PyPi with GitHub and Travis CI

You want to make a python package available on PyPi without spending ages to learn how to do it ?

If you are using GitHub to host your project, this article is for you !

Create your file

Every python package needs a file to be deployed with pip.

You can use a example available on Django website to create yours.

Then, your GitHub repository seems like:

+-- my_python_package <-- The package you want to deploy on PyPi
+-- README.rst

Configure Travis CI

You need to configure Tracis CI to use continuous integration for your GitHub repository.

If it's your first time, go to Tracis CI, sign-in with GitHub, and activate your GitHub repository (Travis CI has access to your repositories, but they are disabled by default).

Then add a .travis.yml file, on your GitHub repository root, with this content:

language: python

  - "2.7"

  - touch foo

For now, your Travis CI configuration is executing something totally useless (touch foo) on each commit, but usually people are using it to run tests.

Configure PyPi deployment with travis-ci

Now we also want our project to be deployed on PyPi. Travis CI can do that for us if we add a deploy section in .travis.yml, that is now:

language: python

  - "2.7"

  - touch foo

  provider: pypi
  user: romgar
    secure: my_secure_password
    tags: true
    branch: master

With that configuration, this project will be deployed on Pypi with user romgar and password my_secure_password, but only when you create (and push) new tags on master.

Get PyPi deployment credentials

The user name is the one you have used to register on Pypi. Yes, you have to create an account on Pypi.

You also need to replace my_secure_password with your secure password, generated with Travis CI command line client.

To install it (more details on Travis blog):

$ gem install travis

Maybe you will miss rdoc gem in some cases, depending on your OS. Just install it before:

$ gem install rdoc

Then encrypt your PyPi password with travis cli:

$ travis encrypt --add deploy.password

The generated password will be automatically added to your .travis.yml config file.


At the end, you have a repository that is automatically deploying a new version of your python package each time you add a new tag on master !! Well done.

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